04 June 2011

Meow Meow Walsh and Whiskers take on the Iberian Peninsula, Part 1 of 3

The Portuguese language is aural sex. Give me hour-long recordings of Portuguese weather reports, and I would be content falling asleep, and waking up to them every night and day. Give me recordings of court proceedings, or an MP3 containing only commentary from Portuguese golf tournaments of the 1990's. I would enjoy a university lecture about plastic. I would even willingly subject myself to a translated audio tape of The Book of Mormon, if the opportunity arose.

Maura, whom I will now refer to as Meow-Meow Walsh from this point forward, and I (both my given name, and Whiskers, are suitable) spent a hefty chunk of last month hopping around the Iberian Peninsula. (Yeah-sorry-that's-why-I-didn't-update-all-month....)

First stop: Portugal. We were based in Lisbon, where we couch-surfed with a journalist who writes reviews of mountain bikes. He made us clams and serenaded us with his guitar, and he also had a shocking amount of scabbed wounds all over his legs and arms from biking incidents. We had taken an overnight bus there, so our first day we wandered around the city looking for a park to nap in. (Turns out Lisboa doesn't have many.) So we sat, dazed, on a bench in a plaza while a lady who couldn't have been younger than 90 plopped down next to us and talked and talked and talked to us in rapid Portuguese without realizing that we couldn't understand a goddamn thing she said. While this was happening, pigeons were courting one another in circles around our park bench. (Mating season 2011 is in full swing.)

We took three day trips around Lisbon: to Guincho, a surfing beach where everyone there was in the best physical shape humans can achieve; to Sintra, full of lush forests and castles, where I expected elves, gnomes, fairies, unicorns, centaurs, and other mythical beasts, to pop out of thickets, or appear in bursts of shimmering dust-- everything seemed enchanted, and we took many pictures of our own necks there; and to Evora, home of a chapel made out of human bones, and a big aqueduct.
Meow Meow loves her towel!


Pena Castle, really pretty, tourists in khaki pants, yada yada


Bone chapel wall! (Real human skulls.)
Upcoming installments: Galicia, Barcelona. Stay tuned.

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