25 April 2011

Hugo y Ha-bee

My host mom's grandson, Hugo (pronounced "Oo-go"), is two years old, and is unstoppable. His curiosity and energy knows no limits. He's also rather stubborn and likes to yell. However, he has enormous brown eyes that hypnotize all who meet his gaze, causing them to forget why or how they could ever be angry with such a beautiful being. Since he's not my child, I don't get angry with him at all, but still experience the hypnosis. Sometimes he waddles around the house repeating my name sporadically..."Ha-bee....ha-bee...donde esta ha-bee?" It's impossible not to love this child.
Hugo refuses food (no idea why), is obsessed with chiming church bells, pronounces my name "HA-bee", and speaks about himself in third person by default. While his mom was engaged in a card game the other night, I played with him. (I'm trying new things, okay?) He tried to force a pink, rubber sea creature in my mouth at least nine times, then regurgitated a small chunk of bread and deposited it in my hand. We colored for about three minutes (he got bored), then pretended to take pictures with his play camera. When I asked him what he was taking pictures of, he told me, "Fiestas! Y nata!"...which means, "Parties! And whipped cream!"
Shortly after the bread regurgitation and whipped cream photo shoot, we went for a walk with my host mom and Hugo's mom. I learned that when they go for walks, Hugo never rides in his stroller. Instead, he walks next to his mother and pushes an empty pink Little Mermaid stroller intended for dolls. It's great. Hugo somehow has golden, almost white blonde hair, and while we were out, I'm certain that everyone thought he was my child because of this. Um.
Another very important bulletin point about Hugo is that he likes to take off his shoes while breast-feeding. A little weird, yes, but the fact that he does that mid-suckling is not the issue: merely going barefoot in Spanish homes is a huge no-no. So shit hits the fan when his shoes come off. My host mom tells him that there is a large cat in the house who eats barefoot blonde children. I am told to encourage this fear.

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