21 March 2011


Nerja, Spain is one of the world's treasures, and not just because one can go topless on the beach. (Though that's a plus, of course: such freedom!) I spent the weekend on the Southern coast of Spain, and let me make it clear that I feel like a huge asshole writing that on here; it sounds so glamorous.

The bus dumped us off on the side of the road in Nerja, and my friends Maura and Mary Kate and I just started walking, assuming that if we wandered in the general direction of the sea, we would make it there. We were wrong about that, but what we found along the way was perhaps even better than all of the beauty of the weekend combined: The Nerja Donkey Sanctuary.
We obviously couldn't nonchalantly walk by a Donkey Sanctuary (who do you think we are?), so we went in. I was expecting a luxurious palace with golden donkey statues, or donkey heads on the wall, but really it was just a farm at which British people take care of stray donkeys (I guess?). There were multiple pregnant pigs wandering around, too. I'm not sure if that was the place for them, but whatever-- all of the animals seemed to get along quite well. I now regret not buying a Nerja Donkey Sanctuary refrigerator magnet, button,  tshirt, or hoodie, when I had the chance.

We got back on track and made it to the shore, and wowowowoowoowow, PRRRrrrrriiiiiittt! (Side note: Maura likes to say, "Pretty," which became, "Prit," which became, "Prit-prit," which became, "Prrrrrrit!" which became a complete shit show of shouting, "PRRRRRiiiit! PRIT! PRIT! TAN BONITA! QUE GUAPA! PRRRIIITTT!") Paradise. The sound of the breathing sea was music. I hadn't expected to spend more than the day in Nerja, but the prospect of seeing the SuperLuna, the largest-appearing, brightest full moon in the past eighteen years, from the coast of Spain was too great to pass up-- I was morally obligated to stay.

Cave Photos: Courtesy of Erin Swor and her nice-ass camera
The next morning we went to a huge cave in Nerja, and it was stunning. People used to LIVE there! Isn't that cool? It also has perfect acoustics, so there are concerts there in the summer. We left right as a bus-load of elderly tourists arrived; perfect timing!

The rest of the afternoon was spent topless on the beach (god, I love Europe), which was a most delightful experience. For some reason Erin had SPF 50 sunscreen for baby skin with her, and what luck that she did. It was the perfect amount of protection. We climbed some rocks at one point (clothed), and Melissa got stabbed in the head by a plant (the details of how this happened are entirely unclear), but she found the experience delightful and kept exploring with streams of blood trickling down her face. Freak.

Mediterranean Sea, SuperLuna. For Cassieloo.

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  1. ahhhhhh. I still can't believe this moment really happened. This picture is my desktop picture now...dreams come true!!!