01 February 2011

Oh yeah, La Alhambra

 La Alhambra, from the outside

We visited the majestic palace known as the Alhambra our first weekend here, and it was marvelous. Extraordinary. So ornate, so elaborate! And I wanted to keep you in suspense and not write about it until now, three weeks later. (That, and I don’t have internet in my apartment to update easily.) Facebook has made me even more lazy than usual with picture-taking, and I’ve come to rely solely on other people to capture these visits to special places, so I unfortunately only have a few shitty pictures of it to share. Whatever. (If it means that much to you, I’ll go back and take some more.)

Andalucia was under Muslim rule for seven-hundred ish years, so Granada is full of stunning Islamic architecture. The walls of the Alhambra have verses from the Koran as decoration: not only does it look beautiful, but because they are draped in words, the walls themselves speak. By design, the building itself is poetry. As I feel in all ancient places, sacred or otherwise, I want to pass through the Alhambra a thousand years sooner, to get a glimpse of it in its prime, to feel and see and smell what used to be, to connect to those who were.  You know how in Titanic, they look at the ship’s remnants underwater and Old-ass Rose has these flashes of color and sound and memory of the ship as she knew it? I wish I could channel a memory like that, to experience, for however briefly, a glimpse of a shiny Alhambra without faded paint, before the water fountains had run dry.

Wild Thang
There’s also a legitimate CHAMBER OF SECRETS in the Alhambra.  If you speak into the wall of a certain corner, even in a whisper, the sound travels to the opposite corner of the room, crystal clear, and can ONLY be heard in the other corner. Hence, it’s a room perfect for exchanging secrets and juicy eleventh-century gossip.

The only downside to the visit was that all of the gardens smelled like cat pee.
Speaking of pee, I ALWAYS feel like I urgently need to do so. Do I drink more water in Spain? I don’t think so? Is this a bladder infection? I hope not, only because I haven’t even been having any hot Spanish sex to merit a bladder infection. If I’m going to have some sort of bladder issue, I want it to be earned.

Thanks to photo-goddess Maura for this picture.

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