06 January 2011

Ready? OK!

Journal #1: Wonder
Alright, so I'm not actually in Spain yet, but I have another preliminary note to discuss: Journals.
Journals are perhaps the most essential part of any journey. I take them very seriously, and therefore I take great care to find journals with blank covers so I can adorn them as I see fit. There is something so satisfying, so thrilling, about filling a journal with words, perhaps because it's the same process as raising a child, minus the mess. It is creation at its finest, its most primitive. Throughout my childhood, I was obsessed with notebooks. Notebooks, bags, and dogs.

My Spain journey will be broken up into three different journals, each with a different theme. Since Wonder is maybe the most important thing on the planet, it takes the lead. I would like to extend a special thanks to the following: Robbie, for providing the string with which the journal is tied; a 1968 National Geographic, from which I extracted the cover picture; 709 Lawrence's coffeetable, from which I took the National Geographic; and the year 2008, which was a prolific time for scrapbooking, and provided me with many fun paper patterns. (See Journal #2)

On a side note, I've barely begun to pack, and my greatest concern right now is what books to bring that are both light for packing and quality in content. Justin Beiber's Autobiography and the Left Behind series are out of the question, but I'm open to other suggestions. Therefore, dear reader, what do you suggest?? Right now I plan on bringing my Lonely Planet guidebook, and an anthology of humor writing from the New Yorker that I stole from my brother's bookshelf, which he was reading in early high school, but I was too much of an asshole to appreciate then: I was spending my Friday nights on the sidelines of my high school's football stadium doing back handsprings that made my palms bleed and doing toe-touches until my navy blue spankies began to chafe uncomfortably at my panty line. 

Three more days. Ready? OK!
Journal #2
(Back Cover)

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