26 January 2011

Bald Spanish Angel, Ceramic Jesus

Poco a poco, this is starting to feel like home. I only use my map discretely now, and I have mastered the city bus system. More specifically, I have mastered the use of the bus route to and from school, and only this route. I still haven’t found the best bars, though. Last week we ended up at this place in which my two friends and I were three of seven people present. (The thing is, they offered us free mojitos—we’ll take what we can get.) One of those seven people was wearing a white jumpsuit and watching himself salsa dance (alone) in front of a mirror. If that isn’t a freaky enough image, the whole bar was lit by a blacklight, so he was eerily glowing in my peripheral vision the whole time like a creepy, bald Spanish angel. Needless to say, we downed our mojitos and immediately got the fuck out of there, which is probably poor etiquette.
Anyway. The most important thing you need to know about my life in Spain may be this: there is a store next to my apartment building that has the weirdest shit displayed in the window. By “weird shit,” I mean glass owls and eagles, ornate wax unicorns (and other mystical creatures), and ceramic crucified Jesuses (Jesi? What’s the plural form of Jesus?) all on the same shelf.

Classes at the language center continue to progress at roughly a fifth-grade level. Once University classes start I will probably weep daily, though, so for now—no complaints. This is bliss. 

My friend Maura and I are in the process of developing ideas for calendars. So far, our most popular idea has been “Babies in Danger,” which would feature happy, giggling babies playing in dangerous settings, like in a pile of garbage; next to a pack of wolves; holding electric wires, a rifle, or knives; or in traffic. Our second idea is “Crying in Bars”--each month would be a picture of us crying in a bar or club, or at a party-- and our most recent idea is “Constipated in Cafes,” which needs no explanation. I have yet to pitch this idea to Maura, but I also like the sound of “Pregnant in Post Offices,” which would show pregnant women mailing packages. “Puppies Afloat” is another possibility.

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